Custom Ordering

Men's Softball

Here's everything you need to plan, design and order your custom glove!  Take your time, follow the steps, and always be you!

How to order your Buckler custom glove


What's your pattern?

DD Palm Pattern
This is usually worn by men's fastpitch players, but slow pitch players love our DD Palm too!  It's designed to play faster with a smaller pocket than our ASP Pattern.  It's a great option for someone that needs to get the ball moving. 

ASP Pattern
This is usually worn by men's slow pitch players, but it still has a place on the fastpitch diamond.  It's designed with a larger pocket than our DD Palm Pattern, so it's a perfect tool to help you secure the ball in a game that's packed full of offense!


Know your glove anatomy

Single Welting Anatomy



Plan, design and map out your custom glove using our Custom Order Worksheet.

Men's Softball Custom Order Worksheet

Surf the webs

Trying to visualize web styles? Here are your options... Take a look and pick out a winner.

Web Styles


Use your completed Custom Order Worksheet to help you complete the ONLINE ORDER FORM.

Double-check... No, TRIPLE-CHECK your glove specs before clicking submit!

Men's Softball Online Order Form - Single Welt

Typical turnaround time is approximately six weeks.