The Best of the Captain

If you watched anything having anything to do with baseball today, you're probably well aware that the New York Yankees retired the legendary Derek Jeter's #2 jersey this afternoon. Yankee fan or not, you have to appreciate what the guy did for the game -- we certainly do! In fact, Jeter was so good, we could only find one major flaw (and we looked awfully hard): He never wore a Buckler.

Andrew Bennett
Meet the Pro Teen!

Almost every ballplayer goes through that awkward in-between stage: too big for a youth glove, but not quite ready for an adult model. That's where our Pro Teen series comes in. Made from the same awesome materials as their Buckler siblings, these gloves are specifically designed to fit the wrist and hand of a player who has outgrown our youth line but is still a season or two away from an adult-sized glove.

Andrew Bennett
You Should Be Watching the World Baseball Classic

We love seeing major league teammates competing against each other, we love seeing Ryan Dempster come out of retirement to pitch for Canada, and we love that Joey Bats had to throw out the winning run from left field with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to prevent underdog Colombia from knocking off a truly staggering squad from the Dominican Republic.

Andrew Bennett
Our 10 Favorite College Baseball Team Nicknames

Since the college baseball season is in full swing, we thought it'd be appropriate to spend a few hours haggling over some rankings -- but not the usual polls. No, instead we thought we'd focus on the really important stuff: team nicknames. Let the controversy -- and the bragging rights -- begin.

Andrew Bennett
How to Know It's Time for a Custom Glove

Last week, you caught yourself doodling pockets and webs on the back of your science notebook. The other day, you realized you've been noticing whether your teammates' gloves have lacing and stitching colors that really "pop." A few nights ago, before bed, you went down an hour-long Google-search rabbit hole trying to understand the pros and cons of single- and dual-welting.

Andrew Bennettbaseball glove
Program Feature: San Francisco State University Baseball

If you're not familiar with NCAA Division II baseball, take some time this college season to get to know some of the outstanding programs at this level. Our last program feature took us out east to see the Rams of Philadelphia University, so we figured we'd switch coasts and check in with the Gators of San Francisco State University as they gear up for opening day.

Meet the Buckler Family!

You may not have taken a peek at the calendar lately, but there's some good news sneaking up on us: Spring training isn't that far off. What that means here at Buckler is that we're hard at work putting the finishing touches on some awesome custom gloves for the 14 professional players we're lucky enough to count among our fast-growing family.

The First Glove

For some reason, baseball creates memories. Something about the game, about your first piece of leather, stays with you. I remember my first baseball glove -– it was a used Spaulding Rod Carew model that my dad got me. It was brownish-red and some of the leather was cracking, but it was my first glove, and I loved it.